Technical standards

EUPOS Technical standards: 

EUPOS aims at ensuring compatibility and interoperability between the EUPOS service providers, which means that EUPOS users who meet EUPOS Technical Standards could use the EUPOS services anywhere within the EUPOS network. Necessary prerequisite for compatibility and interoperability is also the implementation of a uniform reference frame throughout the EUPOS network.
It is highly advised to implement the realization of ETRS89, recommended by the EUREF Technical Working Group (TWG), as a coordinate reference system for EUPOS services.

The EUPOS National Service Centres are also encouraged to provide the EUPOS users with the official national solutions of the height transformation surfaces to enable them to make a conversion between GNSS based ellipsoidal heights in ETRS89 and physical (sea level) heights in the national height system.

In order to ensure availability, quality and reliability of its services, EUPOS introduces standard measures of quality monitoring.
The following Technical standards specifies minimum general requirements for any GNSS augmentation system working within the EUPOS framework.