About us

The European Position Determination System, further referred to as EUPOS, is an international non-profit initiative of public institutions providing GNSS augmentation services which:
• aims at facilitating the establishment and supporting the operation of multifunctional, ground-based GNSS augmentation systems in the operational area of its members in Europe, based on common standards, and creating common products and services,
• acts as a pan-European GNSS augmentation service providers branch organization, representing the common interest of its members,
• collaborates with other international organizations and scientific institutions acting in the field of GNSS technology.

EUPOS Chairmanship (from 2018 -):
Chairman: Branislav Droscak (Slovakia)
Vice-chairman: Ingus Mitrofanovs (Latvia)

Executive board members:
Jaroslav Šimek (Czech rep.)
Ambrus Kenyeres (Hungary)
Szymon Wajda (Poland)
Jan Řezníček (Czech rep.)